Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Will rules make my Child rebel?

Usually Parents ask me this question when we discuss about having rules and discipline in their Child's life;

"Will rules make my Child rebel?”

My answer to this question is NO

Rules are one way to let your Child know you care. Many kids admit that when their parents are ‘strict’, it’s “for their own good.” Most grown up  kids appreciate having rules even when they protest your rules and authority. 

Key to place rules is " Have Rules that Make Sense"

It's important to understand which all rules shall be placed and how these shall be placed.
Categorize rules in two parts;
  • Firm Rules
  • Flexible Rules

    Some rules are firm and not to be changed whether your Child agrees with them or  not. These rules are understood by both parents and Child.  Use firm rules when:
  • Physical or Emotional Health and Safety is at stake
  • The Family’s Values are at stake
     Some rules are open for discussion and can be negotiated, waived or changed, if there is a good reason. Use flexible rules when:
  • It’s not a health and safety issue
  • The issue does not affect or compromise family’s values

   The biggest mistake we as parents do while placing a rule is, saying 

   “Because I say so!”

    When parents arbitrarily lay down the law - without explaining why or listening to
    their Child’s point of view, they will get nagging and whining or worse, lying and
    doing things behind your back.

      Involving  your child in the process of setting rules is a great way
     to help her learn acceptable behavior and make decisions when
     you’re not there.

    Keep your rules & expectations clear.

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